Hello my friends

John Scirocco

The Future's Yellow
firstly you have inspired me, i have always had a passion for classic cars and have lots of photos but didnt have a site, i have my scirocco site...

so i did this its taken a month to put together as there are more than 6000 photos o sie that i have taken


this is my username evrywhre in uk :)

take note to the car and other sections but to show you an example this was my day today..

Well got into work this morning to be told theres no materials so go home, so on the way home i stopped here first...


and after that popped into the local breakers where i saw these..

so im looking after a mates fish.. and this was close by so took afew..see what happens when a bird craps on your car..

after lunch old the misses 'get ya glamrags on were off out'

and we went here


amazing never seen as many in my life

somewhere along the day these got taken too, big trucks and busses


who ya gonna call..

on the wauy back we visited the ruins of the Chateau at St Germain de Confolens..


on the way home found a tiny holding with these beauties stashed away from eyes..

went home spent hours getting it on the net :roll: :oops:

enjoying france again was having a err stage but have enjoyed the last few weeks..

last weekend we went here


lol im such catch ladies i take you everywhere...

and here simply beautiful..


thanks for inspiring me to adding my classic photos online i ope you enjoy