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Preciso Information Sobre Rampa's Historicas

Tópico em 'Rallys, Velocidade e Regularidade' iniciado por rydzgarage, 15 Jan 2013.

Tópico em 'Rallys, Velocidade e Regularidade' iniciado por rydzgarage, 15 Jan 2013.

  1. Bom Dia Guys

    eu estou a precisar de info sobre as rampas historica's que a em portugal.

    Now in english,but please answer in either english or portugeuse,(prefer in portugeuse it makes me work for it !!)

    Question: when you guys do a "rampa historica" does the car have to be as per the "livret"? can you modify the car for the event as in change the tire size? A Fiat 128 has very skinny tires that may not hold the road very well.

    Question: Can we adjust or change out the suspension for the event? as in lower the car or replace the front suspension(as in my case) with coilovers?(i will modify the rear with an extra leaf spring)

    Question: Do we have to add any extra safety equipment to the car,I see some guys runs a roll bar or complete cage,others seem to have no addtional rollover protection.I did read that the cars have to have a fire extingusher but thats it.

    I am not going for any fast time of the day (its a fiat with an 1100),and they seem to be regularity runs, but would like to make the car a little more fun to drive should I chose to do an event.

    I know you guys are "not allowed" to modify the cars beyonds what's on the documento unico for every day use,but slight mods to "sportify" the car for an event would be nice.

    last question,does every "rampa" always have a "classic" category?

    muintas perguntas,mais eu quer ver se podia as ves participar numas.

    Not sure of the condition of the 128 I purchased yet (bought direct on the net in Porto,and will only see it in 2 or 3 months when I go back) but as long as it seems to hold together I would like to have fun with the car.


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