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O Portal dos Clássicos é um sítio português dedicado aos veículos clássicos com interesse histórico. Temos como objectivos juntar a comunidade de entusiastas e prestar auxílio a todos os que pretendem adquirir, restaurar, conservar e manter veículos antigos. O que espera para se juntar à família?

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Tópico em 'Motos e Motorizadas' iniciado por Nathan Chapman, 2 Dez 2009.

Tópico em 'Motos e Motorizadas' iniciado por Nathan Chapman, 2 Dez 2009.

  1. Boa,
    Desculpas, il fale o muito poucho Português.

    I wanted to ask where to find used parts? junkyards? breakers as they are called in the UK? does this happen in Portugal? I am in Lisbon, but can now travel beyond the rail lines! :)

    I have just acquired a BMW K100 and I would like to make some changes and fixes, does anyone have a good suggestion for reasonably priced parts?

  2. Hi there and welcome, im not an expert on bikes material, but it all of us can get most of the parts from junkyards and breakers, i think u can also have some luck with that.
    I prefer buying parts over the internet from classic car stores and ebay, u should also try that.
    Best regards and if u need anything ask. ;)
  3. Obrigado! I'm glad to know they exist, but what is the Português term for junkyard? I just haven't had any luck finding them yet?
  4. It's "Sucata", and the owners are the "Sucateiros".

    Nice people most of them, but all stingy :D:D
  5. Hello if are able to travel ask the people where you can find "sucatas" or "sucateiros", and the portuguese word for bikes is "motas".
    What kind of parts do you need and for what bike?
    I know a few people arround Porto.
  6. Nice people most of them, but all stingy

    Ha, I guess some things are the same the world over! :feliz:

    right now I would like to find crash bars for my BMW K100, maybe a new round headlight bucket if I decide to remove the fairing, turn signals, etc. I also have dreams of fixing up a smaller bike for city riding, but I only see a few random things on OLX and wanted to get a feel for where to find parts firsthand.

    I have two mid fifties BSA A10's at home, one together and running, the other in pieces and stored in the attic :D I would be very happy to find another A10 to work on here as well, but I know they are dear. without a garage to store it I would be getting ahead of myself I think.

    Obrigado para as respostas!!
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