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O Portal dos Clássicos é um sítio português dedicado aos veículos clássicos com interesse histórico. Temos como objectivos juntar a comunidade de entusiastas e prestar auxílio a todos os que pretendem adquirir, restaurar, conservar e manter veículos antigos. O que espera para se juntar à família?

Welcome to Portal Classicos, the biggest Portuguese community about historic vehicles! Change language here.

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Tópico em 'Ajuda no Restauro e Manutenção' iniciado por John Scirocco, 25 Jan 2008.

Tópico em 'Ajuda no Restauro e Manutenção' iniciado por John Scirocco, 25 Jan 2008.

  1. Hello firstly hello, i only speak english and french

    i'll like to introduce
    its my new site dedicated to the passion of owning a scirocco
    i'm looking for cars/scrap/crashes of sciroccos to add if you can help please email me your photos/links, location, name and/or specs to vwpowered(at) the idea behind is to finally get a good data_base_ of scirocco content from around the world onto the net

    My Scirocco 1.1 TS

  2. Re: Hola Espana


    not a bad car for 900 Euros really, thats 600 Pounds so 1200 USD

    sadly the only mint on the outside, interior is dead, the fabric is torn, sunburnt and generally in bad condition, engine is rustier than a salt dipped fiat, i have a Golf GTD too which im selling to fund a GTI Roc 1 or 2 which will become my daily transport, allowing me time to take the TS off the road and be restored to original 76 spec..

    its been parked up in the garage keeping warm,

  3. Re: Hola Espana

    i also have a Golf 2 GTD too


    no laughing ;)

    this is the main gallery

    the gallery is in countrys so a small write up if you can translate, i'm looking for sciroccos around the world to represent their countrys

    and i'll add this i would love to add as many cars/countrys to the data_base_ as possible all i ask is can you send files as a .zip saved as ur membername and include what car it is and your country

    please help me in my quest :)
  4. Re: Hola Espana

    Welcome to Portal dos Classicos, nice cars you have there.
    Can you tell me why your topic it's called "Holla Espana"? This is a portuguese website, not spanish!!!!!
  5. Re: Hola Espana

    oops, cos im stupid, err

    cos its late...errr

    cos i lost my map....

    sorry my fault i guess i read the board too quick :)
  6. Re: Hola Espana


    I think that here in Portugal the Scirocco is not a very commom vehicle!
    I've no information about it, but i'll look around and if i see any!
    But ket me tell you that you have a good car for starting a restauration project!
    About the other ones, they are not as attractive as Scirocco!

    Just one thing that I disagree with you: "engine is rustier than a salt dipped fiat", i'm the owner of a Fiat and my engine is not rusty, not even close, and my car has 35 years!
    Your Scirocco, and for sure, had had a bad owner before you buy it!

    Fiat is a nice F...'.. car!!!

    Welcome to Portal...

  7. Re: Hola Espana

    it's ola portugal
    nice volkswagen :huh:
  8. Re: Hola Espana

    i wasnt being rude about 'salt dipping a fiat' in England fiats dont live very long because as the salt on the roads, Alfa Romeos suffered alot more, yes i hope its a good project car, the mk2 Golf is for sale to fund my new mk2 scirocco :) thank you for the welcome

    silly englishman who lives in france who called a website in portugal, Espana and drives a german car...... wow international in one sentance.

    again im sorry for my stupidness im a lover of classic cars
  9. Re: Hola Espana

    We here in the Portal of Classics is only addicted to classic:D, if actually suffering the same disease, is welcome!

    Your car seems in good condition, should be a model something rare, preserve it well!

    Visit us regularly that you will not regret (... and you can learn Portuguese;))!
  10. Re: Hola Espana


    Congratulations! You have beautiful machines!:D
  11. Hello Jean-Pierre you are very welcome. A french man who speak english, trés-bien ;)
    By the way, nice cars :feliz:
    I´m portuguese and i have a french car, lá belle catrelle ;)
  12. Bienvennue Jean Pierre, le Sirocco et une belle voiture B)
  13. Welcome.
    Beautiful machine.
    Is a good initiative;)
  14. Salut Jean Pierre

    Bienvennu au fantastique mond des portugais passionés par classiques :feliz:

    Peux-tu parler un peu plus de ta Scirocco TS 1100(caracteristiques techniques,etc...)? As-tu des photos de l'interieur et du moteur?
  15. Wellcome the portal of the classics, Pierre!;)
  16. Bienvenue Jean Pierre.
    Super Scirocco.
  17. Tem aí uns belos VW tem!:D
    O Scirocco entao...!:D

    Cumprimentos, de Portugal, em Português..:feliz:
  18. Bienvenu au monde enchanté des automobile classic.
    Why do you write in English?
  19. he write in inglish because inglish is a mother tong, a internacional language;)
  20. hehe i write in english as im actually a englisman living in france, but love the automobile, sadly my interior is not in good condition nor my engine, soon to be sorted out :)

    someone change my profile name, jean-pierre is actually john :huh:

    "Bienvenu au monde enchanté des automobile classic"
    "Bienvennu au fantastique mond des portugais passionés par classiques "

    merci beaucoup :rolleyes

    "le Sirocco et une belle voiture"

    ahhhh oui et cest mon scirocco B)

    merci john

    mon voitures avant je beacoup historie avec la volkwagen ;)

    my previous volkswagens, i have a long history with them :)
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