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Tópico em 'Motos e Motorizadas' iniciado por Nathan Chapman, 13 Dez 2009.

Tópico em 'Motos e Motorizadas' iniciado por Nathan Chapman, 13 Dez 2009.

  1. Ola,
    I don't mean to use you guys as my personal translators, but I have been admonished for using Google Translate to post here before, so I thought maybe it would be kind of me to ask my question to the masses before I offend anyone else :)

    there is a poor neglected little sachs bike chained to a post down the street from me. It has not been run for a few months, and hasn't moved in the time I've lived here. It looks like it has most of it's parts, but the fuel line is gone, and I don't know what else.

    I would like to offer to buy it, but I would have to leave a note on it with my email. I don't want to be rude or offensive, so I thought I would ask what the best way to ask if it might be for sale? All I really want to say is "would you sell this?" or "would you like to sell this?"

    it is very possible that the owner has moved out of the building even, leaving it to rust. If so, do you think the new laws about antique motorcycles will make it possible to re-title? (in five years if I have seen anything about bureaucracy here :D )

    Thank you all very much for your patience, I have learned muito pouco Português, just enough to get by on the street, but not enough to really make this inquiry yet.
  2. The best thing you can do is to find a friend here from Portal dos Classicos, and arrange with him a visite to the site, and try to talk to the owner...

    You will certainly make a friend from Portal, and with some luck you will get a Sachs... :huh:
  3. Olá, Nathan!

    I think the best way to do it is to go there with a portuguese friend. If I were in Lisbon, i'd go with you, but I'm 300 km away...

    You can leave a piece of paper with an e-mail (I think a phone number would be more apropriate if the owner is old, even if don't speak portuguese...) saying:

    "Está interessado em vender esta motorizada?
    Mande e-mail para _______@___
    Ou ligue para: 123456789"

    But, I really think that the best approach is if some member of Portal dos Clássicos in Lisbon goes with you. You can talk directly with the owner with live translation (or the neighbours to know who the owner is).

    I wish you the very best of luck.

    P.S. Nuno had the same idea... :D
  4. Hi Nathan!
    If it is in Lisbon i can go see your dream. And of course talk to the owner.
    Feel free to contact me
  5. There you go, problem solve mate... :huh:
  6. thanks guys! I was worried there when the forum was untrusted on my computer, glad things are back online.

    the bike is locked in front of a large building, so I have no idea how to distinguish the owner, I thought a note would be best since the bike is right by the front door, and they would be likely to see it, or the building manager if not the owner. The phone number would be almost more rude, since I really can't understand anything, at least face to face I can gesture!

    it is in Lisbon, in the Roma area of the Alvalade. I will start with a note, and if I get a response I will see if I need the assistance, Thank you very much for the offer Alexandre! :)
  7. Thanks Paulo, that looks interesting, and new by their lack of ad space filled. I'll add it to the few I use already, between them all I can often get close!

    I actually was asked to stop using the online translators to post here tho, as they come back with some pretty solid nonsense ;) I realize that when I try to use them to read it, but I can muddle thru and get the message usually. But I didn't want to put a note asking something rude about anyone's grandmother on their bike!! :D

    Thanks again! :feliz:
  8. Betwen 21.30, 22.00 I drink coffee at Nova Lisboa restaurant in Church Avenue, near MacDnls.
    tell me where you are and il find you
  9. muito Obrigado Alexandre, would that be Igreja Ave? :)

    I may take longer to get to this than I thought, but in the new year I will likely take back up the idea.

    Feliz Natal e Boas Anos!
  10. What part of the states are you from bud?
  11. originally West Virginia, then lately from Boulder Colorado. I'm here in Lisbon for up to five years by my wife's contract, unless we get too fond of it and have to stay longer;)
  12. Colorado,God's country.went to Pikes Peak a few years back I crewed for a Rally team that had a car running the hill.I'm in Rhode Island.Enjoy Your stay in Portugal.
  13. Feliz Ano Novo Nathan!
    Yes, is Igreja Ave.
    Ask the waiter for me, or leave your contact if you want.
    Have a nice stay in Portugal.
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