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Gulf Star Daf 66

Tópico em 'Os Entusiastas do Portal' iniciado por Ton Koster, 25 Dez 2009.

Tópico em 'Os Entusiastas do Portal' iniciado por Ton Koster, 25 Dez 2009.

  1. As requested by Eduardo Flor herewith a presentation of this car.
    The 66 is built in Holland rebuild in Portugal and has been in several rallies already with good results.
    It has a 1289 cc Renault-engine and no gearbox !!! Instead of a gearbox it has a Variomatic based on 2 driving-belts which system provides the ideal power at any range of speed/rpm: this system is invented by Daf and still available with a smaller configuration (metal push-belt) like for exemple used by Honda!
    Unfortunately after de take-over by Volvo (only car-department) in the late seventies,
    Volvo slowly stopped this project, which was the end of the Variomatic as such.
    The Daf had a great rally-history in the end of the sixties and beginning seventies, winning all kind of rallies in the class till 1300 cc with factory pilot C.Laurent an J.Marché.
    Everywhere in Holland you saw the posters with "Daf wins again" and one of the highlights
    was the London-Sydney rally.
    At the moment there are only a few people participating within Historic Rallies with these Daf´s like Claude Laurent (ex worksdriver) and myself.
    In case you like to see more of these Daf´s including restoration then have a look at my site: Fia Historic Daf Team
    Ton Koster


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  2. Hi. Congratulations for the car. It seems amazing and that system used as you explained is something i have never seen.
  3. Great car, I saw it in 24 hours of Portugal. Congratulations :biggrin:
  4. My friend, I had seen your car in the "Rally de Regularidade" of Portal. The car is beautiful, with a great custom paint and decals. The sistem of gears is amazing too.

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  6. Welcome to this house and there will a few more photos.

  7. Welcome to Portal, Ton!!! Make your self at home. I had the pleasure to see your 66 in June. It's simply beautiful...
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